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The Academy

Our Story – Our Philosophy

The Commercial Cleaning Academy of the Viennese Commercial Cleaners was purchased in 2006 by the guild of the Viennese Monument, Facade and Commercial Cleaners and opened in May 2007 following extensive renovations. After further renovations the academy was reopened in September 2011 as Europe’s most modern center for commercial cleaning.  Since March 2012 the training center of the commercial cleaning academy of the Viennese Commercial Cleaners BetriebsGmbH has been staffed with an employee on the premises. In this time the total of training courses, including those of the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS), as well as the rental of the premises, has greatly increased.

We want to present in their entirety the Monument, Facade and Commercial Cleaners, as well as the Caretakers, as a complete and modern profession. Professional cleaning is not simple cleaning, which is why it requires substantially more. Knowledge covering chemistry, physics, usage techniques, cleaning materials, and machine/equipment use and maintenance, as well as hygiene and disinfection are covered here in basic courses for commercial cleaning personnel, as well as master examination courses for prospective self-employed cleaning personnel. Additional skills such as snow removal or landscape maintenance are covered in the caretaker courses. Education and continuing education opportunities in the chemical industry with the focal point of pest control round out the current offerings. More information concerning current offerings can be found under our current courses, all of which include catering.

Our space consists of several modern seminar rooms, a 300m² large hall with many sample surfaces as well as sample spaces such as a hotel room, hospital room, a class room and a subway car. It is important to us to keep up with the current developments in our field– you will also find the most modern versions of cleaning machines and materials. But without training staff nothing would happen: There are no fewer than 20 of the best-educated trainers (all tested masters in their fields) train the participants.

Interested persons and businesses, especially from the supply sector, can rent our space (either fully or partially) to test the newest developments and products. Our multi-faceted offering to increase one’s own cleaning offerings, rounds out our portfolio.

Please contact us if you feel we are speaking to you and your needs!
Your team from the Commercial Cleaning Academy